Trends that will change tourism

The world is changing and denying it is impossible. The entry of technological logics, the search for new experiences and the very change in daily and work routines have also made abrupt changes in the world tourism market. Along with the new dynamics of life, the tourism sector is still influenced by other issues. Greater awareness of the damage caused by certain means of tourism transport or the impact of the news on the population of certain destinations, which are becoming more resistant to tourism, has led to a complete change in the dynamics of the sector.

With an unstable and permanently changing world economy, it is expected that current trends will have a strong impact on the way one travels, creating new dynamics and new challenges for international tourism.Today, we will focus on some of the most recent trends in current tourism and the expected impact these will have on the future of this market.

1.less travel timeThe

hectic lives of people in the 21st century, along with economic difficulties and the charging of a few extras for long stays, as with , make international travelers - including Brazilians - begin to prefer shorter trips. Many Brazilian tourists claim to prefer shorter trips or even weekend getaways. The market itself is already adapting to this trend, allowing for short term transportation and accommodation, which guarantees the possibility to travel, even for a few days.

2.Valuing practicalityTime

, nowadays, is scarce. That's why people are less and less willing to dedicate it to long planning their holidays.

The simpler and more practical the scheduling and realization of the whole process, the more people will tend to choose that option. Technology has played a role in this process by making the whole experience more digital and robotic, to ensure that everything is as practical and fast as possible.

3.focus on sustainabilityEnvironmental

issues are not left out of the new tourism trends. It is predicted that the new where sustainability struggles will change the logic of travel, leading travellers to look for less polluting alternatives to travel. The practice of sustainable activities in the places of destination may also be a strong reason for choosing one trip over another.

4 Pictures for social networksIn a

more digital world than ever before, the choice of travel destinations is also guided by social networks.

As is clearly visible in the profiles of influencers, the travel destinations chosen tend to be those that appear best in the photos shared on networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Increasingly, travellers are choosing destinations, considering as one of the main appeals the possibility of taking good photos.

5.personalised experiencesWhile

we are social beings, the awareness of each person's individuality is also a trend in the 21st century. Thus, personalized trips, where everything is done according to the traveler, are also a new trend in tourism.

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