The anti-anxiety diet

Is it really possible to fight anxiety at the table? Yes, anxiety and stress, when they do not constitute a real pathology, can also be addressed through the consumption of some specific foods, able to improve the mood. According to some market analysts, the anti-stress diet will be the next gourmet trend: unfortunately, our society is made up of increasingly anxious and stressed people, who need constant support. And what better help than good food? It's no coincidence that at the top of the Amazon charts is the text entitled "The miraculous dopamine diet", written by the British chef Tom Kerridge and focused on anti-anxiety dishes and combinations able to stimulate the hormone of happiness. In short, we are talking about "happy mood" foods and substances, some of which are also reported in the Cannabis Encyclopedia, a site dedicated to another of the key substances of good mood, CBD.

But now let's find out which are the most useful foods from this point of view.


has been shown that low levels of zinc can promote the onset of symptoms of depression. The reason? Zinc is useful in regulating neuronal function. To increase your zinc intake, fish, meat, dairy products, beans, seeds, lentils and peas are great sources of zinc and easy to incorporate into any diet.


is an essential component of any complete diet, and it is essential for good mental health.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, but not only. They are also essential for the integrity of neurotransmitters, which are in turn essential for proper brain function. Among these is dopamine, formed from the amino acid tyrosine: in its absence, aggression and bad moods tend to occur. It is worth, therefore, to bring to the table high quality proteins such as fish, meat and cheese.

Vegetarians, on the other hand, should never do without legumes, nuts, soya, tofu and seeds.

Carbohydrates Anyone who

has ever followed a low-carb diet can attest to the bad mood that follows. This is because carbohydrates improve the metabolism of tryptophan, which can increase the feeling of well-being. Better to prefer carbohydrates with a low glycemic index such as vegetables and whole grains, foods that have a positive effect on brain chemistry, unlike those with a high glycemic index (simple sugars, sweets, carbonated drinks, etc.), which only provide temporary relief from stress.


3 Omega 3 has several health benefits, including a marked antidepressant effect. Green light, therefore, to mackerel, sardines and salmon, but also to oil seeds, such as pumpkin and flax seeds.

Research has shown that 1.5 to 2 grams of healthy fats effectively support mood.


has many interesting properties, including antidepressant, antipsychotic and analgesic. This explains why CBD oil and the many recipes that include it as a base ingredient are particularly good for those suffering from anxiety and stress.

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