Online roulette on your mobile

Mobile Roulette combines all the advantages of an online casino with the simplicity and convenience of a smartphone. That's why it's one of the most popular games in all the virtual rooms on the Internet, which is also due to the fact that it has magnificent bonuses, several payment systems, a careful customer service, special rooms and even a roulette with a live dealer. Mobile Roulette is a game developed by the most outstanding designers and programmers, who have created it to be present in all the online casinos in the world, as it has millions of users.

The best casinos with applications for roulette on the mobile

The most important virtual casinos have different versions of roulettes equipped with applications to play on the mobile. These have the most advanced technology so that there are no pauses or interruptions in the game and they also have other interesting features that place them at the top of popularity.

Thus, the most important casinos with mobile roulette offer the following.

Compatibility with iPhone and AndroidAll

mobile online roulette operators have developed this game so that it is compatible with the main operating systems such as Android or iPhone.

All licenses These

game rooms have the permissions of the countries where they are domiciled. And also all the international licenses that control the world of physical and virtual casinos.

Large number of games

Using your mobile, you can play French, European or American roulette with the same features and quality offered by desktop computers.

The most attractive bon

usesIn mobile online roulette you can take advantage of casino bonuses in the same number and amount as in the virtual game. These aids increase the gamblers' interest and popularity of roulette.

Mobile Roulette Game CompatibilityVirtual ro

ulettes are fully compatible with the smartphone. Moreover, the applications of these games are developed to offer the best experience regardless of the type of mobile used.


Online casino applications for Android have the latest technology.

Thanks to this, they have numerous users. This is largely due to how quickly the game loads.


iPhone technology is spread all over the world. Therefore, online casino operators need to be adapted to it. And, to achieve this, they create applications with a minimum loading time, optimum display quality and other advantages.The iPad


has a legion of users around the world.

Consequently, virtual casinos develop applications for these devices that allow playing with all the comforts.

The best roulette games for smartphones

The most interesting roulette games for smartphones are available from the best providers on the Net and, of course, they are compatible with any type of technology. Their advanced features make them remain among the favorites of the players. Some of these features are as follows.
  • Speed: these roulettes load very quickly avoiding the player unnecessary waits.
  • Quality: these games have well-defined and pleasant images and graphics, as well as perfect sound.
  • The best software developers: the programmers of these games are the best in the market. Therefore, the roulette wheels they create are of high quality.
  • Live versions: Many virtual casinos offer live roulette with croupier and clean interference transmissions.
Some of the best mobile roulette games are European Roulette by Microgaming, Roulette High Roller by Netent, Super Wheel Roulette by Play'n Go or Premium European Roulette by Play Tech.

If we take into account that most of the world population has a mobile phone and that many play in virtual casinos, it is logical to conclude that a large number of people bet on roulette through their smartphones.

Types of

mobile roulette Just like in casinos, mobile roulette games include the three classic game modes. That is to say, they are the same roulettes accessible through a computer. All of them have room in the new portable technologies.

American Roulette

This mode is characterized by a double zero box. In fact, both 0 and 00 are usually marked in green.

Therefore, it has 38 boxes. It is one of the favorites of the random fans, although it gives more advantage to the bank, which is also feared by others.

European RouletteOn

the other hand, there are two types of roulette with only one zero and one of them is European roulette. All versions of it for mobile phones have 37 squares. If you take a little more interest in this roulette, you will see that it offers only a 2.70 e advantage to the bank, which makes it very interesting to bet on.

French RouletteIt is

the other one with only one zero and, consequently, also with 37 squares that go from that one to 36.It offers the same advantage of 2,70 the house and this has caused that, sometimes, it is confused with the European one.

It accepts the three types of bets that are given in the game: internal, external and announced. In addition, certain operators allow the application of the well-known rules in Prison and La Partage, which leads to better chances of winning.

The best known developersThe

creators of mobile roulette inspect the market to better understand the needs of the players. In this way, they develop the best solutions for the problems that may arise in the game. There are very good creators of mobile roulettes, but based on their good applications and the positive opinions they get from them, we will point out the following ones.

Netent Entertainment

This company has been developing game programs for more than twenty years.

One of its premises is to surprise users with the new elements they include in their roulettes. These, in turn, are varied but mainly found in live casinos.


is the leader in all types of mobile roulette. And their applications are manufactured with equipment and technology of the highest quality. Thanks to this, they offer high definition transmissions and guarantee the best experience in their games.


company at the forefront of mobile game development.

Its live casino is especially remarkable and, within it, the roulettes that have the main advances. Thus, they have numerous extra functions, croupiers focused on the development of the game, an optimal definition and magnificent images.

Advantages of mobile roulette

The roulette you access via your mobile phone is as complete as the classic virtual one. Its operation is simple, very intuitive, and gives you chances of winning. But it also has many other advantages that make it easier to have fun.

Among them, mobile roulette offers you:

  • Freedom: you can play from anywhere, no matter where you are and regardless of what you are doing.
  • Availability: mobile roulette is also available 24 hours a day. You only need your phone to be charged and you will have one to play.
  • Live casinos: if you prefer to play live roulette with a croupier, you will also find them adapted to your mobile device so that you can play whenever and wherever you want.
  • Free game: you don't always need to bet your money. If you prefer to play by distraction, you also have a free mobile roulette.
  • Great bonuses: most roulette operators have special offers for them. Also those developed for mobiles have these benefits in the form of bonuses or promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install an application to play roulette on my mobile?

On many occasions, no.

There are some casinos that do have roulette apps for different operating systems. In these cases, you must download the free roulette for your specific mobile phone and then install it on it. But other online gaming operators do not need an app. You just enter the casino's web address and then access the mobile roulette directly without downloading or installing any apps.

What are the supported platforms?

All virtual casinos know about the benefits that smart phones can bring them.

In fact, they have been observing aspects such as the time spent on the Internet by the users of these devices, which technologies they use and even which games they visit the most.based on these data, online casinos have adapted their different games to all operating systems. This means that mobile roulette works perfectly in each and every one of these portable systems.

Do I have to create a new account to play roulette on my mobile

?There's no need for that. The account you have to access the virtual casino is just as good for a computer or a tablet as it is for a laptop or a smartphone. You can play from all those devices with the same login details and also with the money you have deposited.

Is it safe to play roulette on your mobile

? It is totally safe.

When accessed from a mobile phone, casinos maintain the same security protocols as when accessed from a personal computer. Therefore, you can bet on mobile roulette in a legal gaming room with complete peace of mind.

Can I play live roulette from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can. Besides, you can also take advantage of the casino's bonuses to win more easily. Playing live roulette from your mobile is both exciting and fun.

Do I need an Internet connection

?For the demo versions of the mobile roulette you don't need an internet connection, just download the application.

However, to play for real money both through the app and in the flash version, you do need to be connected to the Internet. In the latter case, the better your connection, the more you can take advantage of the game experience.

Can I play mobile roulette for free

? Yes, free mobile roulette exists. And you can play it from all the operators we have at HEX Online Casino. The only exception is live roulette, which is pay-per-view.

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