Karl Kratz: one of the best SEOs in the world

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for what I'm about to tell you! Because today I dare to unveil the great mystery and I give you to know who is the real king of the Internet, (although you may already smell it)... the content! Of course! For some reason Google keeps sending us signals with its algorithm changes, you know, SEO and all that (did you think it was a coincidence?) Okay, maybe if I just tell you I don't believe it. You're right, I don't. So let's look for one of the big icons, let's see if you believe him.

Do you know Karl Kratz? One of the best SEOs in the world! If you want to see the style of this great example of SEO, you can always take a look at these two articles that we present to you to open your mouth:

  • http://www.karlkratz.de/onlinemarketing-blog/
  • http://www.karlkratz.de/onlinemarketing-blog/gute-inhalte/
(Don't worry! You can always use the Google Translator!) But look, today you've caught me by surprise and I'll tell you what you want to know. Sometimes, even without thinking about it, we make the big mistake of focusing too much on writing too much on our online store blogs and too little on product descriptions. So, let's see, let's reason. What are you interested in selling? The blog information or the products? Don't neglect them! Keep the name of this great SEO crack because with it you can learn to write real wonders when describing your products.

If you still don't see the point, think about the fact that the SEO world does not revolve only around blogs or link building. The products are what you are really interested in selling in the online store, so they are the most important part (although avoid reflecting it to your users!). For them you are a great transmitter of valuable and free information that offers their products on the net). And look, since we are talking about content and the importance of these, I take this opportunity to introduce the new Textbroker website in Spain, where you will find a better navigability and, of course, much more focused (yes even more) on offering quality content, but guaranteed quality.

Visit it! Did you already know Karl Kratz? Now you will not forget!.

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