Applications in the codiano: the apps that the Brazilian does not dispense

Technology changed the world and Brazil was no exception. Several applications have come to change the way Brazilians live and work, by creating new ways of acting and new ways of connecting to the world. Come see the impact of applications on the daily lives of Brazilians and know which ones they always bring on their mobile phones.One reality of today's world is that it is very present in everyday life is the way technologies and the digital world have come to change the life of human beings, both in terms of their individuality and their experiences in the social world.At the core of everyone's day, technological tools have gained a prominent place and today the mobile phone can almost be seen as an extension of the arm in global societies.Driven by the trends that Millennials have propagated and taking advantage of the speed of this technological world, which is determined to continue launching new applications and devices, today's societies allow apps to undeniably change the way they live their lives and do their jobs.With distinct uses and serving diverse interests, both personally and in the workplace, the applications have come to drive new dynamics. These, little by little, have changed the global network of markets, increasing the entrepreneurial attitude and thus becoming part of other areas of life besides leisure.Different from each other but equal in the impact they place on the world, applications live on utility and also on trends.

To modernize and continue to have impact, many choose to add functionality over time.Knowing the applications of the moment is essential to ensure that everyday processes are facilitated and can also help ensure success, both personally and at school or professional level.Get to know the applications that the Brazilian people do not dispense with and learn how they adapt to meet the needs of everyday life.


WhatsApp is a trendy application all over the world and in Brazil its impact is very evident. WhatsApp has become one of the primary forms of communication, especially for the younger generation of society, allowing for simpler and more immediate communication, free of charge, with people anywhere in the world.This application allows the exchange of messages by text, voice or video; the sending of files of various formats and also the use for professional purposes. In fact, with these latter circumstances in mind, a true WhatsApp Business has emerged, which is particularly suited to the needs of businesses. In addition to being at the forefront of communication between these entrepreneurs and their customers, WhatsApp Business also allows the manager to access statistics and allows them to better manage their business.All these reasons make WhatsApp one of Brazil's favorite apps.


In addition to the form of conversations, the way of moving has also changed in Brazil due to the appearance of an application.

In this case, we are talking about Uber.Uber's app is one of the most frequent on the Brazilian's cell phone and is highly acclaimed for the way it allows car rental, at lower rates, allowing the most diverse routes to be made comfortably and inexpensively.


The Instagram photo application has also undergone mutations and evolution. Even so, since it appeared, this is one of the applications that Brazilians seem to like the most.The playful purposes of this social media are also linked to the desire to show the best photographs and to win the most reactions.It has been proven that Brazilian instagrammers have a great social impact and that, since their appearance, this network has changed many aspects of Brazilian life, including the choice of their travel destinations and their self-image.


Youtube is another application that Brazilians always carry with them, using it to accompany their favorite artists, to listen to music or as a way to promote their ideas, art or business.Many Brazilians use Youtube as a source of income, and there are several renowned Brazilian youtubers who use the platform to create and produce various videos.


Although its expression has already been greater in Brazil, the truth is that most Brazilians continue to use Facebook more or less frequently.This form of social media is now very broad, bringing together people of various age groups and therefore allowing companies and entrepreneurs to reach broad audiences.This medium is widely used by influencers to launch their trends or to promote brands. In addition, Facebook Messenger is also a common way for Brazilians to be in permanent contact with friends, family and strangers around the globe.

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